The “Gagauzia Dialogue” Project coordinates and facilitates informal dialogue between representatives of the Moldovan Parliament and the Gagauzia People’s Assembly, and provides Good Offices to the Working Group on Gagauzia parliamentary dialogue and decision-making platform. The GWG has equal numbers of representatives from Chisinau and Comrat, and all political parties are represented.

Good offices is a service provided by a neutral third party, supporting two or more groups to resolve a common or shared issue. As part of Good Offices, the project helps to coordinate the agenda of the dialogue process, provides expert input to the process, and works with members of the group to develop joint solutions.

The dialogue between Chisinau and Comrat continues to bring results
The WG members set the short period Working Plan
Online discussion with Professor Francesco Palermo inspires Gagauzia Dialogue stakeholders to continue to build trust and sustain dialogue
Professor Palermo touched on key issues of the Gagauzia Dialogue
“Decentralised Governance” – a series of online trainings organised within the project Gagauzia Dialogue in July 2020
Almost 40 participants learned about multilevel governance, decentralisation and autonomy
Open Call: Consultant/Policy Advisor
Our partner -Contact Centre- is looking for an independent Consultant
Open Call: Independent expert on education
CMI is looking for an independent expert on education
Education and Tourism workshops set agenda for future policy development
Seminars are the initial stage of the public policymaking process
The participants of the Autumn Academy paid an informational visit to Gagauzia
The participants learned about the administration of the ATU Gagauzia
International Conference “Advancing Good Governance through Decentralization, Autonomy and Accommodation of Minorities”
The participants discussed the concepts of decentralization, devolution and autonomy