Expert Dialogue

The project aims to stimulate expert and contextualized discussions about issues related to decentralization, territorial autonomies, regulatory frameworks in multilingual spheres, and minority rights, among stakeholders in the expert community, civil society, and the state academic and governing institutions in Chisinau and Comrat.

These discussions are relevant to the status of the Gagauzia autonomy, but also Moldova’s broader reform agenda and social and political context.

In response to a need in Moldova to increase the knowledge base and interest in autonomy studies to inform these discussions, the Gagauzia Dialogue project organizes summer schools, academic conferences, stakeholder forums and other expert and research activities, with results disseminated via universities, the media and other channels.

Over 40 participants learned about decentralisation, governance, and autonomies reflecting on international practices and local context, during the Autumn Academy 2021
Academy provided the floor for substantive discussion on decentralisation concepts
Telebridge between Chisinau and Comrat: Development of Tourism is One of the Priorities for Gagauzia
About plans, necessities, results and solutions.
AUTUMN ACADEMY “Decentralised Governance and Autonomies”
To apply, please fill out the online application form.
“Languages are Part of the National Identity of Moldova”
Chisinau and Comrat held a Telebridge on the TV channels
Reshaping cities’ development: Preliminary signs of a post-pandemic urban culture
Opinion of the international expert, Luca Bizzarri - on culture
Learning from each other: Lessons from South Tyrol’s Autonomy Arrangement
Videos showcase how South Tyrol succeeds balancing various parties's interests
Workshop with national and international experts
The proposals were discussed in an online workshop
Online discussion with Professor Francesco Palermo inspires Gagauzia Dialogue stakeholders to continue to build trust and sustain dialogue
Professor Palermo touched on key issues of the Gagauzia Dialogue