Multilingual Education – Opportunities and Challenges
Participants learned about the models and benefits of multilingual education
Chisinau-Comrat dialogue process discussed in a duplex TV show
Trust-based relationships-one of the main result of the PWG
Strategic directions set for Gagauzia education sector
The policy development process is inclusive and participatory
Parliamentary Working Group on Gagauzia reflects on five years of dialogue process
PWG reviewed the results and decided on the way forward
The dialogue between Chisinau and Comrat continues to bring results
The WG members set the short period Working Plan
Online discussion with Professor Francesco Palermo inspires Gagauzia Dialogue stakeholders to continue to build trust and sustain dialogue
Professor Palermo touched on key issues of the Gagauzia Dialogue
“Decentralised Governance” – a series of online trainings organised within the project Gagauzia Dialogue in July 2020
Almost 40 participants learned about multilevel governance, decentralisation and autonomy
The activity of the Parliamentary Working Group on Gagauzia continues
The Working Group approved the Action Plan and Joint Priorities