Gagauz authorities learn from European best practices in Tourism policies development and management
Experts presented the models to effectively support tourism development
Learning from each other: Lessons from South Tyrol’s Autonomy Arrangement
Videos showcase how South Tyrol succeeds balancing various parties's interests
Workshop with national and international experts
The proposals were discussed in an online workshop
Gagauzia elaborates the Tourism Development Program 2021-2025
The program will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development in Gagauzia
Multilingual Education – Opportunities and Challenges
Participants learned about the models and benefits of multilingual education
Chisinau-Comrat dialogue process discussed in a duplex TV show
Trust-based relationships-one of the main result of the PWG
Strategic directions set for Gagauzia education sector
The policy development process is inclusive and participatory
Parliamentary Working Group on Gagauzia reflects on five years of dialogue process
PWG reviewed the results and decided on the way forward