Experts speak

Karl Kössler: Institutions and Intergovernmental Relations (ro/ru subtitles)
Elena Chiochetti: Linguistic Rights and Multilingualism (Rom/Rus sutitles)
Jens Woelk: Principles of Autonomy Arrangements (Rom/Rus subtitles)
Elisabeth Alber: Conflict Resolution and Intergovernmental Relation Tools (Rom/Rus subtitles)
“Cultural heritage is the key asset of any nation”. Interview with the Head of the General Directorate of Culture of the ATU Gagauzia, Marina Semenova
How local culture is promoted in Gagauzia
„Now is a great time for the development of domestic tourism”. Interview with Natalia Ciuvalscaia, Head of the Economic Development and Tourism Department of Gagauzia
A dialogue about tourism development plans in Gagauzia
“Today’s school must be changed”. Interview with the Head of the Department of Education of Gagauzia, Natalia Cristeva
About multilingual education, pandemic, innovations, relations with the center, future
Reshaping cities’ development: Preliminary signs of a post-pandemic urban culture
Opinion of the international expert, Luca Bizzarri - on culture
Online discussion with Professor Francesco Palermo inspires Gagauzia Dialogue stakeholders to continue to build trust and sustain dialogue
Professor Palermo touched on key issues of the Gagauzia Dialogue