Gagauz National Drama Theater named after Dionis Tanasoglu
2022 was declared the year of Dionis Tanasoglu -100 years
Museums as a Way of Preserving Identity
"Guests come to visit us from all over the world".
Lidiya Todieva – the designer who restores the national Gagauz costume
People know Lydia as a craftswoman of dolls
“Yasti” Duet: “Music is a good way to preserve language”
“Yasti” Duet hails from Kongaz, everyone in Gagauzia knows them
George Topal: multilinguism – is a wealth!
George Topal - a poet who writes in Russian and
Petr Kapakly – Zanaat Evi
“Gagauz Halk Zanaatları” School of Crafts
The works of artists tell about Gagauz people – their customs and national culture
Feodor Duloglo speaks about the Čadır-Lunga Art School
“This is our soul, this is what makes us a people” – how they go round carol-singing in Gagauzia
In Tomai village, the Kotzarev group proudly preserve caroling tradition
Constantin Ghermec – Dance is the Core of the Nation
"Knowing just one movement you can develop a whole creation"
Sergey Sary – a young Gagauz winemaker
Winemaking is part of our culture and tradition