Museums as a Way of Preserving Identity
"Guests come to visit us from all over the world".
The works of artists tell about Gagauz people – their customs and national culture
Feodor Duloglo speaks about the Čadır-Lunga Art School
“This is our soul, this is what makes us a people” – how they go round carol-singing in Gagauzia
In Tomai village, the Kotzarev group proudly preserve caroling tradition
Gagauz Șarap Yortusu is a holiday for everyone
People from villages of Gagauzia come to this festival
Comrat – City Day
The city that kick off visitor’s trip around Gagauzia
Copceac: Patronal Festival and Baur
Villagers celebrate the birthday of the place where they live
Gaidari: Carpet Festival
The carpet plays a special role in the Gagauz's life