Statement related to the pandemic period

Anna Lyberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Moldova

Dear colleagues and friends,

Today our world faces challenging times because of the COVID 19 virus. We all are concerned every day about our families, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Our projects, plans and businesses are affected and require new approaches, more attention, more time and solidarity. Our way of working transformed but not changed. Today more than ever we need to stay strong and together continue our objectives in supporting people, communities and all our beneficiaries!  

Together with CMI’s team – we are committed to advance with our efforts to consolidate Chisinau-Comrat communication and trust despite todays’ constraints. Progressively we’ve integrated in our daily work new technologies and online platforms to be closer and to support each other. We reevaluated the relevance and the way the activities and assignments are prioritized and adapted many of them to the current needs and realities. We are very proud that many of you – our partners involved in this project, are pro-active and responsive to stay engaged, interested in follow our joint Activity Plans and objectives.

The Parliamentary Working Group remains a great platform to raise urgent questions and to find innovative solutions to the current needs, to define new general medium-term priorities for Chisinau-Comrat dialogue and to communicate actively on the results achieved so far. All CMI’s experts engaged in various assessments, dialogues, discussions and tasks are a valuable resource to help the stakeholders with expertise and know-how when relevant. There are many uncertainties now and we must all accept that changes can be called for. Our joint work and creativity in this regard is much appreciated!  

I strongly believe that this is also a time for innovation and reflection, for finding new and better ways and solutions to ensure the suitability of the Chisinau- Comrat cooperation. The world will restart – and with that comes opportunities to do things better.

I extend my gratitude to all our partners and friends that are doing their best to deliver today great results!

Your sincerely,

Anna Lyberg


Steve Young,
Country Manager,
CMI Office in Moldova

Dear colleagues and partners,

CMI Office in Moldova is continuing to closely monitor and adjust our planning to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are all aware that the pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives: from work to school and even how we spend our personal time. This period is creating extraordinary challenges for all of us.

The CMI team will stay in touch with our stakeholders, partners and donor using innovative communication tools. CMI Office in Moldova stands ready to assist our partners where possible, and to look at how our activities can support them in this time of crisis. At the same time, CMI Office in Moldova will work hard to identify possible ways to solve concerns directly related to the current situation.

We are proud of the positive attitude displayed by all of you, and we want to thank you all for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to confront the challenges of quarantine. This is a time when we need to be resilient, and identify and utilize new methodologies to enable our collaboration.

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing everyone in person again, as soon as the situation allows.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Young

Country Manager