Crisis Management Initiative transitions to CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation as from 1 May 2021
The foundation will make CMI more sustainable
Parliamentary Working Group on Gagauzia discussed the work plan and priorities for 2021
The meeting took place on March 23rd
Parliamentary Working Group on Gagauzia approved the activity report for 2020 and discussed current issues
Meetings were held on March 9th and 16th
Students and Parents from Gagauzia are Consulted in the Process of Developing the Long-Term Program in the Education Sphere
Discussions implicated target groups involved in the educational process
Gagauz authorities learn from European best practices in Tourism policies development and management
Experts presented the models to effectively support tourism development
Learning from each other: Lessons from South Tyrol’s Autonomy Arrangement
Videos showcase how South Tyrol succeeds balancing various parties's interests
Workshop with national and international experts
The proposals were discussed in an online workshop
Gagauzia elaborates the Tourism Development Program 2021-2025
The program will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development in Gagauzia