Over 40 participants learned about decentralisation, governance, and autonomies reflecting on international practices and local context, during the Autumn Academy 2021
Academy provided the floor for substantive discussion on decentralisation concepts
„Now is a great time for the development of domestic tourism”. Interview with Natalia Ciuvalscaia, Head of the Economic Development and Tourism Department of Gagauzia
A dialogue about tourism development plans in Gagauzia
“Today’s school must be changed”. Interview with the Head of the Department of Education of Gagauzia, Natalia Cristeva
About multilingual education, pandemic, innovations, relations with the center, future
Telebridge between Chisinau and Comrat: Development of Tourism is One of the Priorities for Gagauzia
About plans, necessities, results and solutions.
AUTUMN ACADEMY “Decentralised Governance and Autonomies”
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“Languages are Part of the National Identity of Moldova”
Chisinau and Comrat held a Telebridge on the TV channels
Reshaping cities’ development: Preliminary signs of a post-pandemic urban culture
Opinion of the international expert, Luca Bizzarri - on culture
Crisis Management Initiative transitions to CMI – Martti Ahtisaari Peace Foundation as from 1 May 2021
The foundation will make CMI more sustainable