Students and Parents from Gagauzia are Consulted in the Process of Developing the Long-Term Program in the Education Sphere

The “Gagauzia Dialogue” Project continues to provide support to authorities of ATU Gagauzia in order to ensure a participatory process of developing the long-term Programin the field of education for ATU Gagauzia. Thus in cooperation with the General Directorate of Education of the Executive Committee of Gagauzia a series of discussions has been organized with target groups of students and parents,that are directly involved in the educational process. The purpose of these consultations was to identify the needs, problems and challenges of the educational system of ATU Gagauzia.

About 200 students from grades 9 to 12 from educational institutions of the autonomy took part in the first round of consultations, along with members of local student councils and of the National Student Council. Students actively shared their opinions about the subjects studied, extracurricular activities, primary needs and the problems they face. They emphasized the need to know the state language and to study foreign languages. They also mentioned that they would like schools to have more developed infrastructure and innovative teaching methods.  They made suggestions for optimizing the institutional and educational framework, stressing that it would guarantee a better future for the younger generation and sustainable development of the autonomy.

School should not forget about its goal of making sure a student learns well the information he or she receives.And of also helping students to become real members of society, to be prepared to overcome difficulties they encounter and to be intellectually prepared.

stated one student

Participation and responsibility of a family for educating a child is fundamental for successful school education. Involvement of children was viewed as their participation in the decision-making process.  In addition, parents who took part in the discussions offered valuable suggestions for ensuring high quality education in the ATU Gagauzia.

said Angela Cara, the CMI expert in the field of education

In the framework of the same event, on February 25 and 26, 2021, consultations were held with parents of children from primary, secondary and high school, including parents of children with special needs. The participants expressed interest in the topics covered, and outlined the main challenges they face as well as their needs and shared valuable ideas related to the educational system of the autonomy.

It is necessary to ensure a cross-sectorial approach (education, social security) in order to include children with special educational needs in the general educational institutions. In addition, it is necessary to maintain training of teaching staff of general educational institutions, to update the infrastructure of general educational institutions, to establish support services at school and community levels.

said one of the parents

We want a school that would provide our children with the necessary education that would take into consideration current trends and that would lay the basis for their future. We want better conditions that are necessary for protection and security of children.

added another parent

After the consultations, the proposals and solutions that were proposed would be included in the long-term Program in the field of Education of ATU Gagauzia. The Program is meant to present shared vision of long-term development of the educational system in the ATU Gagauzia. It envisions several areas for long-term strategic development: ensuring access to better quality education and improving the quality of education in accordance with socio-economic needs, development and promotion of multilingual education, strengthening capacities of teaching staff and others.

Consultations were facilitated by the CMI (Crisis Management Initiative) in the framework of the „Gagauzia Dialogue” project funded by Sweden. The activity is part of the process of developing public policies in the ATU Gagauzia in the field of education, tourism and culture. In this respect, in the framework of the project, a Working Group was established that is comprised of independent experts from Chisinau and Comrat and representatives of the Gagauz authorities.


CMI is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari. The organization’s efforts are aimed at preventing and resolving conflicts and maintaining a lasting peace. In Moldova, CMI implements the “Gagauzia Dialogue” project, which is aimed at supporting efficient implementation of competencies of Gagauzia through maintaining an efficient dialogue between legislators from Chisinau and Comrat, and at identifying common solutions for common problems.

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