Video Materials 2

Public lecture ”Comparative arrangements of autonomies: South Tyrol and Åland Islands”
Institutional arrangements and relations between the central authorities and the Gagauz Autonomy
Karl Kössler: Institutions and Intergovernmental Relations (ro/ru subtitles)
Elena Chiochetti: Linguistic Rights and Multilingualism (Rom/Rus sutitles)
Constantin Ghermec “Vulcanesti suita”
Jens Woelk: Principles of Autonomy Arrangements (Rom/Rus subtitles)
Elisabeth Alber: Conflict Resolution and Intergovernmental Relation Tools (Rom/Rus subtitles)
Special edition “Teleduplex: Chisinau – Comrat” Multilingual education
Special edition “Teleduplex Chisinau Comrat: Development of tourism in UTA Gagauzia”.
Special edition “Teleduplex Chisinau – Comrat: Parliamentary Working Group on Gagauzia”