Statement related to the pandemic period
The Ambassador Anna Lyberg and the Country Manager Steve Young
Education and Tourism workshops set agenda for future policy development
Seminars are the initial stage of the public policymaking process
Informal meeting of the Parliamentary Working group on Gagauzia
The first informal meeting, 2020, was held on February 18
First meeting of the Working Group on Gagauzia, 2020
On February 11, the Working Group on Gagauzia was convened
The participants of the Autumn Academy paid an informational visit to Gagauzia
The participants learned about the administration of the ATU Gagauzia
International Conference “Advancing Good Governance through Decentralization, Autonomy and Accommodation of Minorities”
The participants discussed the concepts of decentralization, devolution and autonomy
Autumn Academy 2019 was organized within the “Gagauzia Dialogue” Project
Participants were familiarized with the principles of decentralization and autonomy
Autumn Academy content and application requirements
Autumn Academy is an intensive and immersive academic program